Shinobi Izakaya: A Modern Japanese Pop Art Restaurant in Balanga, Bataan

Located at Manahan st. Brgy. tenejero In the heart of Balanga Bataan is a unique and vibrant dining establishment that combines the rich traditions of Japanese cuisine with a modern twist of Japanese pop culture art. With its eclectic decor, warm ambiance, and delectable menu, Shinobi Izakaya offers an unforgettable dining experience for locals and visitors alike.

Japanese Pop culture art-inspired Design: As you step into Shinobi Izakaya, you are immediately greeted by a burst of color and creativity. The restaurant’s interior is adorned with eye-catching wall art and vibrant neon light that pay homage to Japanese pop culture. The fusion of traditional and contemporary elements creates a visually stunning and energetic atmosphere, making Shinobi Izakaya a feast for the senses.


Shinobi Izakaya takes pride in its diverse menu, showcasing a wide array of Japanese dishes prepared with a modern twist. From traditional favorites to innovative creations, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Here are some highlights from their menu:

Sushi Rolls: The skilled sushi chef at Shinobi Izakaya creates edible masterpieces with his artistic sushi rolls. Expect an explosion of colors and flavors as they combine fresh ingredients, unique sauces, and creative presentations to turn sushi into a work of art.


Ramen Bowls: Experience the comforting flavors of ramen with a twist. Shinobi Izakaya offers a variety of ramen fusion bowls that blend traditional broth, perfectly cooked noodles, and a fusion of ingredients from different culinary traditions. It’s a delightful fusion of flavors that will leave you craving for more.


Sashimi: Sourced from the pristine waters of reputable suppliers, Shinobi Izakaya showcases the highest quality and freshest ingredients, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

Bento Box: Each bento box is thoughtfully crafted, featuring a variety of mouthwatering components that showcase the best of our culinary expertise. From tender teriyaki chicken salmon teriyaki to flavorful ebi tempura, every item is carefully prepared using the freshest ingredients.

Donburi: Each donburi bowl is a masterpiece, featuring a generous bed of fluffy rice topped with a tantalizing combination of ingredients. From succulent slices of beef sukiyaki or tender chicken to perfectly cooked ebi or a medley of fresh vegetables, our bowls are designed to please diverse palates and dietary preferences.

Beers: From classic local favorites to Japanese premium draft beer, Shinobi Izakaya has the perfect pour to elevate your drinking experience.

Sake: Often referred to as rice wine, holds a revered place in Japanese culture. Crafted with precision and expertise, each sip of our sake transports you to the heart of Japan, where centuries-old techniques meet modern innovation.

Whether you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine, a lover of Japanese pop culture, or simply seeking a unique dining experience, Shinobi Izakaya in Balanga, Bataan is a must-visit destination. With its fusion of traditional Japanese flavors, modern aesthetics, and lively atmosphere, it’s a place where culinary art and pop culture collide, leaving you with a lasting impression of delicious food and vibrant creativity.



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